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Confidizing and Guidance on the Path to Health

What is the service of Confidizing?

As a confidizer my role is to act as a confidant and an advisor.  Through Wisdom Development and personality analysis, I guide you to better understand your feelings and thinking patterns. Together we work on your issues of the heart, past or present hurts, hang-ups and emotional patterns. This emotional balancing technique creates a new way of understanding and seeing through new, wise eyes. You will become more confident, empowered and self-loving. Your new view will allow previously blocked channels of healing to open. Many of our existing ailments are based on negative conditioning and lack of self-esteem. All healing begins with your thoughts.  Complete healing requires us to look inside ourselves for the answer. The body is a servant to your mental leadership.  

Take charge and become the YOU, You always wanted to be! 

Confidizing opens the door to a deep level of healing. Many of our ailments can be directly linked to our thinking patters and emotional conditioning which is formed through our childhood and young adult years. More recent events and traumas will also mold our thinking and attitudes toward life, which in turn effects our physical nature.

Lucci is easy to talk to, non-judgmental and understanding. Most clients find it easy to share their thoughts and most inner feelings in the comfort of her office. Confidizing session’s range from 1 hour to 4 hours based on individual needs. Some people experience an immediate mind shift leaving them inspired and empowered. Others may need several sessions in order to discover and release negative thinking patters. All you need is an open mind and a willingness to grow.

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Confidizing Service $ 75.00 / 1hour